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Tempus OPUS Round table: Education-research-innovation triangle – towards structural changes

University of Zagreb

18th February 2010

On 18th of February University of Zagreb organised round table: Education-research-innovation triangle - towards structural changes

The round table stems from and builds on first Tempus OPUS publication: “Towards education- research-innovation triangle: Where are we starting from?”

At the roundtable participated many experts from research, doctoral education and innovation field.


Key speakers:

Nada Sirotić, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports:

 “NIS to support scientific research institutions”


Lucas Zinner, University of Vienna:

“Doctoral studies and scientific research - relations and ties from a European perspective’’


Danica Ramljak, Rudjer Boskovic Institute:

”Is there a need for structural changes in research and technology transfer functions? - The perspective of research institutions”


Darko Huljenić, Ericsson Nikola Tesla:

“Structural changes in higher education from the perspective of industry”


Smiljka Vikić-Topić, University of Zagreb:

“Strengthening research administration - structural measures at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine”


Mile Dželalija, University of Zadar:

“Supporting the development of research and technology transfer”


Lisa Cowey, The Technology Transfer Interface Ltd.:

“Technology transfer in SE Europe - status, changes, comparison”










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