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University of Zagreb

06th October 2010

07th October 2010



This workshop has been designed for doctoral candidates across all disciplines who are interested in intercultural communication and who want to reflect and enlarge their own experiences in international settings. Topics of the workshop are:

-          cultural awareness

-          key concepts of intercultural communication

-          differences in academic cultures

-          working and communication styles, e.g. paper presentations,

-          culture shock and challenges of a long-term stay abroad


The focus is on intercultural communication in the academic sector, examples from and transfer possibilities to other fields will be discussed as well, e.g. intercultural aspects of international business co-operation.


Methods include presentations and group work, case studies and simulations.



Workshop will be conducted by Prof. Christoph Vatter from Saarland University

Zrnka Kusen

Design by: M. Mačinković

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